Protect Yourself With Uninsured Motorist Coverage

The  primary purpose of Uninsured Motorist (UM) insurance is to provide Bodily Injury coverage for medical bills and loss of income (in some states, UM also covers physical damage to your car). UM offers valuable protection under both your Business and Personal Auto policies.

Here’s how UM works: Say you’re injured in an auto accident, and the other driver is at fault. Normally, you’d collect your bodily injury bills from the other party’s Auto insurance. However, it turns out that he doesn’t have Auto coverage — or enough coverage, if he is an underinsured motorist (UIM). This would leave your medical bills unpaid, even though you were the innocent victim.

When you have UM coverage, your insurer will step in and provide the same benefits you would have received from the at-fault driver’s policy. Although limits vary by state, in general, you’ll receive compensation for injury-related losses.

Even though you might have Medical Insurance and/or Disability Income insurance that would also pay for your injuries in a UM or UIM situation, carrying this coverage on your Auto policy often offers a better deal. Coverage might be broader (for example, your Health insurance won’t cover pain and suffering), and there are usually no deductibles or coinsurance provisions.

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Loss-Proof Your House

Loss-proofing your home is the perfect way of avoiding those pesky little Homeowners claims. Here are a few helpful tips from a recent insurance trade report:

  • Fix minor roof leaks quickly and keep rain gutters clean.
  • Trim dead branches. Also, remove dying trees from your property before they fall and cause unsightly, expensive damage.
  • If you’re in a high-wind area, install windstorm shutters.
  • Improve overall drainage around the house. If your basement tends to flood, install an automatic sump pump with a battery backup, in case of a power outage during a major storm.
  • Check your roof and heating, electrical, and plumbing systems every few years. It’s best to let a professional do this.
  • If you have a fireplace, keep your chimney clean and unobstructed!

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‘Aggregate’ Coverage Means ‘ALL OF IT’

An important question when purchasing an insurance policy is “How much will it pay when I need it?” Most coverages, such as Property, the answer is fairly clear — the amount listed on the front page of the policy (known as the “declarations page”) for the specified property is the most you can collect for a loss to it. For damage to an auto, the policy usually sets a maximum payment equal to the current “book” value of a similar vehicle in similar condition.

Some policies have another limit — called an “aggregate” — on coverages. For example, your Liability insurance will set an aggregate limit: Basically the maximum amount the policy will pay in a given year for all damages under the policy, no matter the size or number of the claims. Depending on the nature of your business, the amount you’ll consider adequate for your aggregate can differ greatly from what’s enough to cover any single claim. Many policies automatically provide an aggregate equal to double your amount per claim (or “per occurrence”). Is this enough to meet your needs?

Let’s sit down and discuss the aggregate limits under your current policies. If they’re satisfactory, great! For those that don’t meet your needs, due to changes in valuations or business procedures, we’ll work with you to make the needed updates now, before you find yourself falling short tomorrow. Give your Protection Coach a call at your convenience.

Protect Yourself Against Data Losses!

It used to be said “a chicken in every pot,” however a more accurate modern equivalent may be “a laptop in every home.” You can find these devices have spread into every corner of our lives, personal information stored in them has increased exponentially. Credit cards, bank accounts, financial records, legal documents, work projects, home businesses, and our kids’ pictures reside as digital data in smartphones and tablets. As the amount of such stored data has exploded, has our ability to protect ourselves from the fallout from the damage or destruction of this data kept pace?

As professional insurance agents, we recognize our responsibility to protect clients from losses. After all, the best claim is the one that never happens. When the possible loss involves electronic data, insurance might be among the least effective solutions. Talk with one of our personal risk staff about protecting your digital valuables through other alternatives, such as anti-virus software, firewalls for your home network, and updated backup procedures. For example, did you know that the DVD disks offer a high capacity backup for storing copies of your most valuable data?

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Advertising the Safe Way

 Congratulations! That new billboard outside your office is the talk of the town. It’s no wonder that advertising is a critical element in the success of most companies. For several  businesses, however, it’s an incidental activity that’s not part of the firm’s primary business.

All advertising involves a risk exposure. In many cases, your Commercial General Liability policy will include Advertisers Liability protection. However, be aware that this coverage is limited.

For coverage to apply, a third party must have suffered a business injury as a result of certain specific actions that occurred during the course of your company’s advertising activities. Among the most common activities are:

  • Oral or written publication of material that slanders or libels another
  • Oral or written publication that violates a person’s right of privacy
  • Misappropriation of advertising ideas or style of doing business
  • Infringement of copyright, title, or slogan

If your company has a potential advertising liability exposure that might fall outside these areas, the chances are that you need specific coverage. In any case, it’s always a good idea to review coverages so that you’re aware of the risks that you might face — whether you decide to insure them or not.

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