Crisis Management plan, what’s yours?

You are attending a meeting out of town and your cell phone rings. You answer to find that the water heater at your facility has leaked inches of hot water in 3 resident rooms and all the facility bathrooms, two residence where found lying in the water, did they fall? “What should we do? Paul is not moving and Nellie just keeps calling for help”. You request to speak with the supervisor. You inquire if 911 had been called and no one has moved the residents. You also instruct her to seal off the area so no one else is injured and call the family. After the residents have been cared for and the mess cleaned up, you think you can put it behind you. Unfortunately in today society, it doesn’t end there. You return to find the media taking pictures and interviewing. The families are calling and some are at the facility wanting to know what has happened and why. Do you have a plan to minimize or eliminate the media or public from destroying the good name of your facility? Do you have a plan for handling the family at a time when they feel left down by people they had placed the care of their loved one with? DO YOU HAVE A CRISIS MANAGEMENT PLAN?

 A crisis is anything that has the potential to negatively affect the reputation or credibility of your organization. Every facility will face a crisis at some point, and to ignore that fact, or to be unprepared for it is like riding a car blind folded: It’s not “if” you’re going to be hurt, it’s “when” and “how bad”. An organization does not have to be a “high profile” entity to experience a crisis and become “front page” headlines.

 To help with this topic and other critical topics regarding your Health Care Facilities future, contact me immediately to discuss your new Crisis Management plan implementation and how to get started.

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