We have a Triple Whammy Winner

In case you missed it, on page two of our October/November Protection Coach update (click HERE for your copy) ,we noted a very special offer for anyone who becomes a fan on our Facebook Fan Page at www.facebook.com/stromsoeinsuranceagency.

We are pleased to announce Susan Kahakui as the special “Triple Whammy Prize” winner of the triple set of gift cards:

  1. 1. Ice cream at Coldstone.
  2. 2. Movies at Block Buster.
  3. 3. Coffee at Starbucks!

With our gratitude, enjoy!


GRAND PRIZE #3 – Big Screen TV is sitting in our lobby waiting for a good home.  Are YOU ready to start talking?  Tell your friends and family about Stromsoe Insurance Agency today for your chance to win!  Click here for more deatils on the 2009 Referral Express.

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