Rental Car Coverage and Your Youthful Driver

As much as we don’t want it to at times, life happens. Part of life for some is auto accidents. Auto accidents where one is stopped in traffic, someone is not paying attention and rear ends another vehicle. Such was the case this week for one of our clients. Small caveat, she is under 21 years of age. The good news is, although sore, our young driver is ok. Her car? A different result, an extended visit to the body shop. Then a visit to the rental car facility as very few of can function without a car in today’s fast paced society. The rental rep realizes that our customer is under 21, checks their company guidelines which say they can only rent to persons under 21 in certain circumstances. Fortunately, our customers insurance policy transfers to a rental and allowed her to rent the car. But what if it did not?

I recall 10 years ago when we had mutliple youthful drivers in our household and a similar accident situation. Here’s a work around in this rental car situation IF you have multiple cars on your policy: the parent gets the rental car and the youthful driver gets to drive the other vehicle on the policy. Normally, most rental car companies will allow anyone over age 21 to 25 to rent a car.

It’s a pretty simple answer. We find a lot of emotion is present in accident situations and people need a quick solution.

We hope this helps you and your family if the unfortunate ever comes along.

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