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Your Guide to Spring Cleaning

Spring marks a time in which most people get serious about cleaning for one day and participate in spring cleaning.  The earth has come to a point in its orbit where the days get longer and warmer, and for many people across the nation, that means it’s time to clean! Spring cleaning is a day in which millions of Americans

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Does Your “Precious” Have Enough Jewelry Coverage?

Your jewelry needs to be insured to deal with the risk of everyday life, and while homeowners insurance may cover your precious items, you may require more. If only Smeagol would have had enough jewelry coverage, perhaps he could have spent his time doing something more productive rather than following a pair of hobbits all the way to Mordor to steal back

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Is it Time to Update Your Home Insurance?

Your home is one of the most important investments you can make, so it is important that you update your home insurance should these changes arise. When it comes to maintaining good care of your home, you have enough to worry about. What with mortgage payments, upgrades, repairs, cleaning the gutters and the basement and everything in between–they are probably

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Annual Home Maintenance Tips

Winter may be upon us, but do you know of these annual home maintenance tips every homeowner needs? The winter can be a punishing season to our homes. The fluctuation in temperature, the rain, and all the other forces of nature that seem like they’re out to get us during the winter can wear on your home’s exterior. Here are some

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How You Can Prevent House Fires

Do you know about preventing fires in your home? Check out these fire prevention and safety tips for you and your family. While you may have heard of “Stop, drop, and roll,” you likely haven’t used it as often as your 8-year-old self would have imagined. If you’ve never experienced a house fire, consider yourself lucky; house fires are the

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2 Thief Deterrents That Work (and 2 to Avoid)

Do the best you can to stop thieves from targeting and breaking into your home with these 4 helpful hints. Approximately every 15 seconds a home burglary occurs somewhere in the U.S. That means that in the 5 minutes it will take you to read this post, there will be 40 homes that will have been victims to burglars. That’s

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