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Your Boat Inspection Checklist

Before you make the final purchase of that boat you have had your eye on for some time now, make sure that you look over it to make sure it is not inoperable and flawed.  Boat insurance can help financially protect your boat from any covered incidents, but you must first check to see that there are no impending disasters. Here

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Worry-Free Summers With The Right Insurance

Eliminating Liability Risks This Summer Summer is finally here, which means many individuals and families are getting ready to take out their summer toys. As fun as trampolines, boats, and swimming pools may be, there are associated risks that you will want to have covered under the proper insurance policies. Before heading out to enjoy summer to the fullest, be

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Making For A Worry-Free Summer On The Open Waters

Insuring Your Boat & Watercraft The time has come to load up the trailer and get your boat back out on the open waters. As you prepare your boat and other mini watercrafts for the best time of year, it is important that you make sure you are properly covered. Without the right boat insurance and watercraft insurance policies, it

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Common Insurance Questions Answered

Insurance is one of the most important security tools an individual or business can have, but it is also one of the most commonly misunderstood topics. Whether you have questions regarding your auto insurance, homeowners insurance, or business insurance, we hope this informational sheet of common insurance questions will clear up any misunderstandings: My auto insurance agent just asked if

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Summer Lake Outings Are Not Complete Without Boat Insurance Protection

As boating season approaches rapidly, do you find yourself feeling that familiar tug to get your boat in the water? Chances are, you would never think of driving your car without car insurance, or buying a house without protecting it with homeowner’s insurance. But, what about your boat? Boat insurance is just as important, because it can protect you against

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Insure Your Boat In And Out Of The Water

Millions of Americans take to the water each year during boating season, traveling the coastlines, rivers, lakes and canals. The watercraft range from simple rowboats to jet skis to small motorboats to luxury yachts. Boat owners spend significant amounts of money buying and maintaining their boats. The need for insurance protection when the boat is on the water is obvious,

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