Shannon Freeman

Office Manager

Team Member Since 2016

About Shannon

Shannon is probably THE nicest person you will ever meet. She has a HUGE heart and loves doing things for others, whether it is feeding the homeless, volunteering for an organization she believes in, or simply helping out her teammates. She loves to sing, shop, and decorate in her free time. You can guarantee that the office will be decorated for every holiday with Shannon around! Shannon can be quiet until you get to know her, then you better watch out, because you will have quite the Karaoke Diva on your hands! Shannon is also extremely organized, which helps when being Mike’s Assistant!

Stromsoe Insurance Agency Role

Shannon is the Office Manager at Stromsoe Insurance Agency. She graduated from the University of Phoenix with her BS in Business with a concentration in Human Resource Management. She helps lead the Team, processes payroll, handles the accounts payables, maintains Mike’s busy schedule, handles Human Resources, and takes care of the Operations of the Agency. As you can see, Shannon wears MANY hats! You can count on Shannon to handle issues promptly, find more efficient ways of doing business, take on many projects, and work closely with the TEAM. Shannon prides herself in having a very effective managing style where she believes in the Team to get the job done, while still having tons of FUN!

Fun Facts
  • Self Proclaimed Girly Girl (Check out her office, there is PINK everywhere!)
  • Bacon and Glitter…’nuff said
  • Has a GREAT singing voice and dreams of being a ROCKSTAR
  • Collects Coca Cola memorabilia
  • Completely obsessed with Disney Movies
  • Has written over 500 poems and dreams of publishing them someday
  • Survived a takeover robbery while working for a Credit Union