Crystal Pritchett

Business Protection Coach

Team Member Since 2013

About Crystal

Crystal is 35% mom, 25% comedian, 18% carb-avore, 33% wifey & 29% awesome-sauce insurance agent.  She does her best to contribute positivity & laughter to her team everyday! Crystal came from the construction industry background so business life has been a part of her since she was 20.  She has a strong passion to serve and help others so it was her destiny to end up in the insurance agency business.  Crystal’s daily goal is to be better version of herself than she was yesterday…

Stromsoe Insurance Agency Role

Crystal works in the Commercial Department helping our clients with all their Business Insurance needs. She fills any gaps in the office and knows a little bit about everything!  You can always count on Crystal to get things done.  She is trustworthy and knowledgeable about a lot! Crystal isn’t afraid to help an upset client or give praise to another coworker for a job well done! Protecting our clients and everything they work so hard for is a daily job in the Business Insurance Department and she does an amazing job doing it!!!

Fun Facts
  • Oldest of 6-Allllllll Brothers
  • Closet Karaoke Singer (Shhhhh)
  • Cheered for an Arena Football Team
  • Baseball Mom 6 days a week
  • Soccer Mom 3 days a week
  • Military Brat- Husband, Brother, & Father all prior marines-Semper Fi!
  • Wifey to the most hilarious man in the world!
  • Life Saver-Pulled someone out of a burning vehicle