Safety Tips


Protect Your Loved Ones from Carbon Monoxide

Exposure to carbon monoxide can be deadly; learn how you can protect your loved ones. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless gas produced by the burning of carbon based fuel sources (natural gas, charcoal, wood, etc.).  If inhaled, carbon monoxide prevents the spread of oxygen through the body and prolonged exposure to the gas can be deadly.  Don’t let your

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Easy Steps to Keep Employees Safe at Work

Follow these tips to make sure your workplace is safe! If you’re a business owner, you know how important it is to keep your employees safe at work. However, you also know that a workplace accident can happen anywhere at any time. While there’s no way to completely eradicate workplace accidents, there are some things you can do to reduce

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Our hearts are with all those affected by the California Fires

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those affected by the fires that continue to burn in all of California. We mirror what the leadership of Cal Fire ( has mentioned over the past few days. 1)      Life safety first 2)      Protect properties second This week is also Fire Prevention Week, which helps remind us to prepare for

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Home Repairs You Shouldn’t Do Yourself

Best you leave these home repairs to the experts. While everyone loves a good home DIY project, there are certain home repairs that require professional experience.  If your home needs these repairs or updates, then don’t get in over your head.  Trust these fixes to the experts. Repair 1: Electrical We all know how dangerous electricity can be.  If handled

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  The February 2017 update of Mike Stromsoe’s The Protection Coach® has arrived.  This issue is jam-packed with all the latest news and tips for clients and friends of Stromsoe Insurance Agency. The Protection Coach® – February 2017 (Click Here to Download) Inside this edition.. What does your Total Protection Team LOVE? Insuring BIG KID Toys Valentine’s Day Goodies Quick

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3 Ways to Protect Your Skin From the Sun

How do you protect your skin from the giant star in the center of our solar system? Do you think 93 million miles is far away enough from something to have no effect on you? Normally, you’d be correct. But when that thing is 4.4 nonillion pounds (or a four followed by THIRTY zeros) and also induces nuclear fusion at its

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