Little Things that Cost Your Business Big

How little details could cost your company big money. If you’re trying to run a company, chances are you miss little details from time to time.  While these small expenses or mistakes may not seem important in that moment, over time they can compound and have a huge financial impact on your business.  Here are some of the most common

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Costly Mistakes College-Bound Students Make

If you want to avoid making costly mistakes that college-bound students make, The Graduate Survival Guide can help. The earlier you start talking about college to your child, the better grasp they get on that reality. The Graduate Survival Guide is a book meant for high schoolers which aims to educate these kids about how they can avoid making costly

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Travel Tips for Your Electronics

Our electronic devices are all but impossible to separate from our lives and that can pose a tricky problem when we travel to new locations.  Electronic devices are as much a part of our travel experience in our present day as passports, suitcases or swimming suits. But they can sometimes cause confusion and lead to issues which are time consuming, should a

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Tips to Get You Organized for Tax Season

Tax season may be everyone’s least favorite season, but it’s one that most of us have to deal with and these tips will help you get on top of things.  Every tax filer’s situation is unique, but all taxpayers have a similar experience. This is because the IRS demands that you give them certain information from nearly everyone. You may think the

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How to Save Money in 2017

Everyone wants to save money, but as we all have learned one way or another, saving is a lot easier said than done.  One of your New Year’s resolutions may have been to save more money for your retirement plan. But the first month of the year may not have gone according to plan. But you still have a little

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